Steve Carlin.

Founder & CEO

Steve Carlin is a retail marketplace developer and consultant working on artisan food related projects throughout the Unites States and Canada. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Oxbow Public Market and The Carlin Company, and has been directly involved in four benchmark retail projects over the last two decades: the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco, Oxbow Public Market in the Napa, Napa Farms Market at San Francisco International Airport, and The Oakville Grocery in the Napa Valley. Steve is an active and sought-after consultant in the specialty food industry and a strong supporter of the “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” farm movement.

Steve is committed to strengthening the local food chain (and consumer experience) by creating sustainable platforms for the growth and success of owner operated food and wine related businesses. He has served on the Board of Directors for Joseph Phelps Vineyards in St. Helena, CA, Oakville Grocery in Oakville, CA, St. Helena Farmer’s Market in the Napa Valley, Visit Napa Valley, and The Land Trust of Napa County. He is also an Ambassador of the Culinary Institute of America. He is currently spearheading the development of The Napa Riverline, a pedestrian friendly water oriented path along the Napa River and downtown Napa.

Lloyd Llewelyn.

Of Counsel

Lloyd Llewelyn is a retail market developer and consultant, an accomplished real estate, land use, and alcohol regulatory attorney, and real estate broker. In addition to his work with the Carlin Company, and private legal practice, Lloyd served for many years as an operations executive in the wine and food business focusing on strategic vision and planning, teambuilding and leadership, business process development and optimization, and risk analysis and mitigation.

Prior to joining the company, he represented restaurant and specialty food vendor tenants throughout Northern California, including several in the Oxbow Public Market. In addition to this legal background, Lloyd served as COO for a family of companies engaged in restaurant, winery, vineyard, distillery, and brewery operations. Lloyd has invaluable experience in complex project management in the areas of new business development and launch, new product development and launch, construction, regulatory audit, and litigation, as well as experience designing, organizing, developing, staffing, and maintaining complex administrative systems.

Gabe Carlin.

Property Manager

Gabe Carlin has a diverse background in the food, Audio Visual, and technical theatre industries. With over 8 years of experience in the food industry, Gabe has developed a passion for culinary arts and has dedicated his career to promoting local and sustainable food practices.

In addition to his work in the food industry, Gabe has also spent 4 years in the Audio-Visual industry and over 10 years in technical theatre, honing his skills in audio, lighting, and video production. His well-rounded technical knowledge and expertise have allowed him to successfully manage complex projects and events throughout his career.

Gabe earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon, where he developed a strong foundation in business and management principles. Shortly after graduating, Gabe was a founding member and Executive Director of Brave Umbrella Productions, a theatre production company in Eugene, Oregon.